Vaccine Industry News – 13th September 2013

In this week’s news round-up: – Glaxo’s MAGE-A3 melanoma cancer vaccine disappoints in late-stage trial – Implantable cancer vaccine could renew hope for melanoma field – Texas pertussis outbreak reaches epidemic proportions – 7 Less-Obvious Historical Vaccine Pioneers – Developing strategies for multi-vaccine manufacturing: opportunities and challenges  

Vaccine Industry News – 6th September 2013

In this week’s news round-up: – AAP calls for kids to receive flu vaccine as early as possible – Campaign with Sanofi Pasteur MSD’s shingles jab begins in UK – 6 Novel Adjuvants in Development – Top 4 conspiracy theories against vaccination – Challenges of validating Immunogenicity assays for Vaccines

Vaccine Industry News – 30th August 2013

In this week’s news roundup: – Bharat Biotech launches new typhoid vaccine – Sanofi provides superior efficacy data for Fluzone High-Dose – Infographic: The Unbelievable Impact of Vaccines – Innovative partnerships in HIV vaccine research & development

Vaccine Industry News – 23rd August 2013

In this week’s Vaccine Industry News: – GSK sneaks in second quadrivalent flu shot approval – 170,000 children vaccinated in Israel polio campaign – 10 of the Most Important Diseases With No Licensed Vaccine We also have a free presentation on ‘Vaccine development formulation with adjuvants’

Vaccine Industry News – 15th August 2013

In this week’s news roundup: – The buzz about Sanaria’s malaria vaccine Phase I results – Novel containment strategy could boost safety of controversial influenza A research – Researchers to examine whether BCG vaccine combats allergies – A free download of a presentation by Sarah Gilbert: Vaccine development using two immunopotent viral vectors