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Where is vaccines research heading?

Where is vaccines research heading? Will the focus in future be on preventing childhood diseases or are will likely to see the development of vaccines against diseases affecting other age groups? Will therapeutic vaccines against Alzheimer’s disease or cancers be a major area for innovation?  These are just some of the questions posed by VaccinesToday during the World Vaccine Congress Europe 2013. …

Vaccine Industry News – 13th September 2013

In this week’s news round-up: – Glaxo’s MAGE-A3 melanoma cancer vaccine disappoints in late-stage trial – Implantable cancer vaccine could renew hope for melanoma field – Texas pertussis outbreak reaches epidemic proportions – 7 Less-Obvious Historical Vaccine Pioneers – Developing strategies for multi-vaccine manufacturing: opportunities and challenges  

Vaccine Industry News – 6th September 2013

In this week’s news round-up: – AAP calls for kids to receive flu vaccine as early as possible – Campaign with Sanofi Pasteur MSD’s shingles jab begins in UK – 6 Novel Adjuvants in Development – Top 4 conspiracy theories against vaccination – Challenges of validating Immunogenicity assays for Vaccines

Vaccine Industry News – 30th August 2013

In this week’s news roundup: – Bharat Biotech launches new typhoid vaccine – Sanofi provides superior efficacy data for Fluzone High-Dose – Infographic: The Unbelievable Impact of Vaccines – Innovative partnerships in HIV vaccine research & development

Vaccine Industry News – 23rd August 2013

In this week’s Vaccine Industry News: – GSK sneaks in second quadrivalent flu shot approval – 170,000 children vaccinated in Israel polio campaign – 10 of the Most Important Diseases With No Licensed Vaccine We also have a free presentation on ‘Vaccine development formulation with adjuvants’