Global Vaccine Leaders Share Insights On Current Industry Challenges And Opportunities Worldwide

Ahead of the 16th World Vaccine Congress taking place in Washington D.C. on March 29-31, we’ve caught up with some of the world’s most prominent vaccine experts, all of whom being part of the event’s speaker faculty, including:

DR. JOSEPH JOYCE, Director, Vaccine Process Development, Merck
DR. JEROME KYN, Director-General, International Vaccine Institute
DR. PETER HOTEZ, President, Sabin Vaccine Institute – Dean, National School of Tropical Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine
DR. HENRY DANIELL, Professor, University of Pennsylvania
MARK WOOD, Regulatory Affairs – Biological New Projects, Merial
DR. DANIEL PEREZ, Chair in Poultry Medicine, University of Georgia –College of Veterinary Medicine
DR. JERALD SADOFF, Senior Advisor CEO, Janssen Infectious Diseases and Vaccines
DR. RALPH TRIPP, Professor, University of Georgia
DR. NIKOLAI PETROVSKI, Chairman, Vaxine Pty.
DR. SCOTT SHOEMAKER, Senior Director – Process Technology, Takeda
DR. STANLEY PLOTKIN, Emeritus Professor, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
DR. JIM TARTAGLIA, Vice President New Vaccine Project Head North America, Sanofi Pasteur

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Providing a wealth of provocative thoughts and insights on the latest opportunities and challenges faced by the vaccine industry worldwide, here’s your chance to hear thought leaders challenge the status quo in a variety of topics, including:

Emerging & Re-Emerging Diseases
Vaccine Trials
Bioprocessing & Manufacturing
Veterinary Vaccines
Vaccine partnerships

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