Top 20 influencers in Asia’s vaccines industry

The Asian vaccine market can be split into two big groups. One is where a hub of innovative ideas and vaccine pipelines are waiting to reach the global market (“producers” or “purchasers”). This would include countries like Japan, Australia and Korea. The other is where a large pool of long unmet medical needs against polio, measles and seasonal influenza is simply reliant on the supply of low-cost vaccines (“recipients”). The longer the wide gap between the recipients and producers continues, the more opportunities for vaccine manufacturers to be lost.

As a region, it is crucial for the two groups to collaborate and communicate to leverage on the strengths and opportunities each have to offer. In identifying and shortening the distance between the producers and recipients, Asia’s vaccine market has seen the light of great market influencers (e.g. public health officers, researchers, clinical virologists and innovative biotech founders).

We’ve compiled an ebook that highlights the Top 20 Influencers in Asia’s Vaccines Industry, recognizing their contributions in advancing research, achieving partnerships, introducing innovation and improving policies.

Download the ebook for inspiration and encouragement in your vaccines research, development, production and distribution.

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