Improve your Site’s chances of getting selected for future Healthy Volunteer studies

VaccineNation welcomes ClinEdge as a guest blogger.

Why isn’t your research site being considered for Healthy Volunteer Vaccine Studies? Is it your site? Is it your marketing plan?

Over the past five years, the competition for Healthy Volunteer Vaccine Studies has become particularly fierce.

Here’s why:

Typical Healthy Volunteer Vaccine Studies require patients to come in for only one or two study visits.   They often have very general exclusion criteria, so any patient who has not participated in a prior vaccine study will qualify.   This makes patient recruitment a breeze!   Moreover, these studies tend to pay around $2,000 per patient.   Most Healthy Volunteer Vaccine Studies have a 2 to 4 month enrollment period, and sponsors want each site to enroll 400 to 700 patients.   I am sure you can do the math: the potential profits are huge.

So are Healthy Volunteer Vaccine Studies a dream come true?   Potentially.   But it has gotten increasingly hard for sites with no vaccine experience to gain access to the vaccine world, particularly for indications such as influenza and meningitis.   But, it is not impossible, if you understand your site’s competition.

So what is the secret to keeping your site competitive enough to be considered for these upcoming vaccine studies?


It starts with your feasibility.   Here’s what we tell the sites in the ClinEdge Network: if they do not have the staff or capabilities to enroll 150+ healthy volunteers per month, sponsors will not consider them as feasible candidates.   Two large pharma companies have told us that they only select sites able to enroll at least 200 patients in one month.

Therefore, all successful vaccine study sites must proactively adjust staff and resources to accommodate future projects in the pipeline.   Such studies will need at least three or four coordinators seeing over 20 patients a day.   Since vaccine studies are often lucrative, it is smart to ensure you have a clear pipeline for when you land that golden opportunity study.

Still, vaccine study sponsors look for more than a staff capable of seeing multiple patients per day while still providing high-quality data; they also want detailed SOPs and a meticulous QA process.


This last point might be the most important: Sites need to show a clear plan for enrollment success.

ClinEdge Engage, who are exhibiting at the World Vaccine Congress Washington on April 7-9th, work with sites to develop comprehensive recruitment campaign plans and with broadcasting them weeks or even months before enrollment begins.   Being proactive ensures a steady stream of patients into your call center, who are waiting and ready to be scheduled once the study opens up.   The faster you are able to enroll, the higher your profits can be!

Recruitment delays can severely weaken your overall performance.   So a predetermined plan for patient outreach and ready-to-go materials will help your site be a top performer, which will greatly improve your chances of getting selected for future Healthy Volunteer studies.

Whether your site is vying to land its first Healthy Volunteer study or fighting to remain competitive in a lucrative field, abiding by these tips will increase your ROI and give you a leg up on the competition.


If you have any further questions please join the ClinEdge team at the World Vaccine Congress Washington at their exhibition booth, and join us at the largest global vaccine meeting of the year.

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