World Vaccine Congress Washington 2015

Download: ‘Vaccine Insights’ eBook, interviews with the leaders of the vaccine industry

The world of vaccine development is changing.

Personalised medicine is making huge waves in the industry, and from this we have seen the rise of therapeutic vaccines for diseases such as cancer.

Alongside this, the Ebola crisis has caused all stakeholders to re-evaluate the processes for research and manufacture of vaccines to ensure that they can roll them out as quickly as possible without compromising on safety and efficacy.

Also, veterinary vaccines are becoming more important, as the economic and zoonotic impacts of animal health come into increasing focus.

In our eBook, Vaccine Insights, the speakers from the 15th Annual World Vaccine Congress in Washington have opened up to VaccineNation to share their thoughts.

Download this eBook to:

  1. Find out about the leading trends in the coming year
  2. Learn about what vaccine developers are doing to combat key issues
  3. Hear about some of the most interesting advances being made by leading vaccine companies

Hear more from these speakers at the World Vaccine Congress in Washington on April 7-9.

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