HIV Handbook: facts, figures, and vaccines

HIV remains one of the biggest threat to millions across the globe. So how far are we from securing a vaccine?

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The 1st of December marked World AIDS Day 2014, and saw millions of people from across the world pledging support for the eradication of HIV and the proper treatment of AIDS patients. Eradication remains the ultimate goal, and vaccines are almost certainly the tool for the job. But researchers have for decades struggled to tame a virus with so many defence mechanisms. With high profile disappointments, such as the Thai Trial, confidence waned in HIV vaccine candidates. But slowly different parts of the virus are being cracked by teams across the globe, and the Thai Trial’s ALVAC and AIDSVAX combo may even be making a comeback.

Download the HIV Handbook now

In this ebook we look at:

  • The discovery of HIV
  • Different strategies for the treament and prevention of HIV
  • Different approaches to vaccine design
  • HIV vaccine funding in comparison to other disease areas
  • The latest news and presentations on HIV vaccines

Download the HIV Handbook here


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