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The World Vaccine Congress Washington is now in its 15th year, and things look a little different to previous years. ‘So why the change?’ I hear you ask…

In my previous role, we produced very focused agendas and ran two-day events specifically on that area. This would be as niche as talking only about foundations for deep water offshore wind turbines where most conferences would have this as one or two sessions in a much wider event. This was great content-wise, but of course reduced the pool of potential people so our events ended up around 100 people.

When I took over the World Vaccine Congress it was looking at what is happening for the full sector and then pulling out a bit of the detail. This meant that we covered lots of topics which would attract a big crowd for networking but people couldn’t necessarily find three days’ worth of sessions which were directly related to their role.

World Vaccine Congress 2015 on April 7-9 is a hybrid.

This year’s congress will still have the fantastic networking you have come to associate with the event and we will still have those big whole-sector topics covered in plenary sessions on day one and day three of the congress. However, the difference for 2015 is that there will be seven focused co-located conferences to make sure you can always find something relevant to your role. In turn, we believe this will attract those who previously couldn’t justify three days out of the office.

For more information on how this is going to work, download the brochure here.

The team are really excited about taking the event to a new level to increase value for everyone involved. 

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