Polio Set To get The Nanopatch Treatment from Vaxxas


Vaxxas announces a WHO funded project to evaluate the delivery of polio vaccine using Nanopatch

Australian company Vaxxas last week announced the initiation of a research project designed to evaluate the commercialisation prospects of Nanopatch, their microneedle platform for the delivery of polio vaccine.

Vaxxas’ Nanopatch consists of a 1cmsquare of silicon with around 20,000 microprojections on its surface. Penetrating through the protective outer layer of the skin, the microprojections deliver vaccines to the numerous imunological cells just below the protective layer of skin. As well as the obvious improvements over traditional injections – such as needle injuries, and patients’ needle-phobia- Nanopatch has demonstrated in mice an effective increase in immunogenicity through a reduction in the dose required to achieve the same effectiveness as a traditional injected vaccine. Pre-clinical testing has also shown Nanopatches ability effectively protect with a severely reduced, or even removed, adjutant.

The WHO will provide funding to Vaxxas in order to support pre-clinical and good manufacturing practice. The WHO’s hope is clearly to use this revolutionary technology to achiave and maintain a polio free world. Nanopatch remains effective without refrigeration and so represents a huge opportunity for the WHO to get much needed vaccines into the most remote and vulnerable parts of the world. And without the need for comprehensive training, unlike the training required to give traditional injections safely, Nanopatch could well represent a turn in fight against preventable diseases across the world.

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