From Cedar and Peanut allergies to Cancer Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics: This is the future of DNA vaccine technology

Immunomic Therapeutics

One company stands on the brink of a revolution in vaccine technology that has the potential to change millions of lives with innovative DNA and RNA vaccines

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For over 20 years the vaccines industry has pushed towards the goal of creating an effective DNA vaccine. But thus far the industry has failed to demonstrate any consistently strong immune responses from their DNA vaccines. The antigens are there, the body just doesn’t take enough notice.

But a revolution may be about to take place. Immunomic Therapeutics is in the midst of numerous clinical trials for DNA vaccines that are eliciting a powerful and effective immune response in patients in clinical trials. Their secret is their very own nucleic acid coding platform, LAMP-VAX™. LAMP-VAX™ has allowed Immunomic Therapeutics to create a number of impressively effective allergy vaccines, whilst their platform has given collaborators the tools to progress their own cancer vaccines through clinical trials.

Download this report to find out how Immunomic Therapeutics, LAMP-VAX™, and their DNA based allergy vaccines are set to shape the future of the vaccines industry.

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