The future of vaccine administration my change forever with Pharmajet's needle-free injector

FDA Approves AFLURIA Flu Vaccine To Be Administered With Pharmajet’s Needle-Free Injector

The future of vaccine administration my change forever with Pharmajet’s needle-free injector

The FDA has approved the first needle-free drug system for the delivery of bioCSL’s influenza vaccine AFLURIA.

Now, doctors and other health care workers can chose whether they want to administer the influenza vaccine via a needle or through PharmaJet’s needle-free system.

Ron Lowy, the CEO of PharmaJet, has said of the new technology that is ‘…an especially important innovation for the millions of individuals who suffer from fear of needles and who consequently forego their annual flu vaccination.’

This innovative way of administering vaccines will improve flu immmunisation coverage across the United States. Eventually, as the technique is approved for other vaccines, public health will improve.

The advantage of a needle-free vaccine delivery system will also be in the reduced likelihood of needle injuries, needle contamination and needle re-use. Needle injuries in particular can harm health care workers, particularly if needles are contaminated with the patients blood.

The technology works by delivering a fluid stream at very high pressure, thus penetrating the skin.  The FDA approved the technology on the basis of clinical trial results showing that the using this technology to administer the vaccine did not elicit an inferior immune response compared to traditional needle administration.

Read more about it here: FDA Updated Communication on Use of Jet Injectors with Inactivated Influenza Vaccines

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