Exclusive vaccine delivery interview with Dr Chantal Pichon, University of Orleans and CNRS

The 15th World Vaccine Congress on 13 – 15 October in Brussels is just a few weeks away and I recently sat down with one of our key speakers, Dr Chantal Pichon (Professor, University of Orleans and CNRS Center for Molecular Biophysics) for a short interview.

Dr Pichon will be discussing her research in Histidylated-based nanoparticles for mRNA vaccines delivery. Dr Pichon is currently co-leading the lab with Dr Patrick Midoux (INSERM Research Director, Deputy Director of CBM) where they are researching nucleic acids transfer by non-viral methods. They are the pioneers of histidine-based nanoparticles for nucleic acids delivery including mRNA as vaccines with 11 patents. With a track-record of 91 peer-reviewed publications, 6 book chapters and a recipient of 15 grants supporting her research, Dr Pichon will be the best candidate in discussing new advances in nanotechnology vaccine delivery.

Meet Dr Chantal Pichon at the 15th World Vaccine Congress

Meet Dr Chantal Pichon at the 15th World Vaccine Congress

What are some of the most pressing issues you are facing in using nanotechnology for vaccine delivery and why?

Nanotechnology has permitted the development of large variety of nanoparticles able to deliver nucleic acids vaccines including messenger RNA (mRNA).

To date, it is still very hard to predict in vivo efficiency of messenger RNA nanoparticles from in vitro and in cellulo studies. We are still far from mastering the assembly between RNA and the delivery vector and controlling RNA dissociation and expression at the right cellular compartment to obtain an optimal presentation of the corresponding encoded antigen. There are some roadblocks as the lack of knowledge on the optimal dosing and formulation as function of the route of administration, the relationship between the nature of RNA and unwanted effect on RNA translation machinery and cell metabolism.

How does your case study address some of these issues and what can delegates look forward to in your talk?

I will present an overview of mRNA vaccines formulations used so far including our formulations and point out the limitations need to be overcome.

What are your major research and investment areas and how is this expected to progress in the future?

Development of original targeted delivery systems based on lipids and polymers for messenger RNA vaccine delivery and investigating novel strategies to get optimised formulations (messenger RNA and delivery system) for induction of specific immune response.

What would you like to gain from our congress?

Getting new insights on the development of safe and efficient vaccines and learning about clinical strategies in vaccines; to establish collaborations and improve networking in the field of vaccinology.

To hear more please visit our website to see the agenda and book your place so you can meet key speakers like Dr Chantal Pichon as they share solutions in developing nanotechnology-based vaccine delivery.


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