Top 10 Equipment Manufacturers (EQMs)

Top 10 Equipment Manufacturers (EQMs)

Top 10 Equipment Manufacturers (EQMs)

This eBook features a detailed synopsis of the top 10 equipment manufacturers (EQMs), for all stages of vaccine development; from the early stages right through to the drug being made available to the market. Tailor-made to assist you in choosing the right EQM partner, specific to your development needs, the aim is to help condense down the lengthy process of profiling the most suitable EQM for you.

Download this eBook to better understand:

• What each EQM specialises in
• The company’s mission
• What the company can offer you

Our top 10 acts as the first stage in developing interactions with potential contacts by selecting those of interest to you. The second stage is the opportunity to meet face-to-face with your carefully selected, reputable equipment manufacturer at the World Vaccine Congress 2014 Europe. This event provides the platform to network with an entire host of credible EQMs, allowing you to directly engage, discuss and share ideas and see whether there is a potential working relationship available.

Get your copy now in time for networking at the Congress on 13-15 October 2014 in Brussels.

And that’s not all, if you’re in search of reputable CMOs or CROs, make sure to have a read of our eBooks on How to choose your perfect CMO partner / How to choose your perfect CRO partner 


The World Vaccine Congress Europe 2014


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