AFFiRiS AG has Presented Phase I Data on The Trial for the First Parkinson's Vaccine Candidate

First Clinical Data of Therapeutic Parkinson’s Vaccine is Encouraging

AFFiRiS AG has Presented Phase I Data on a Trial for the First Parkinson’s Vaccine Candidate

On the 31st of July 2014, AFFiRiS AG announced as a press conference the results of their phase I clinical trial for a vaccine against Parkinson’s disease.  The vaccine, PD01A, is a therapy that targets the alpha-synuclein protein, a Parkinson’s target.

The Michael J.Fox foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF) supported the study with $1.5 million in funding.

The trial, named AFF008, administered to different doses of the vaccine (15 µg and 75 µg), with findings showing that both doses were safe. The participants of the trial all received four vaccinations, at monthly intervals.

The aim of the vaccine is to stimulate the body’s production of alpha-synuclein specific antibodies, which fight alpha-synuclein – the protein that accumulates in the brains of those with Parkinson’s disease, causing large scale cell death.

Fifty percent of the patients who participated in the vaccine trials generated the antibody, a promising result for AFFiRiS.

The next study of the vaccine will take place in Vienna, where the focus will be on assessing immunological land clinical effects of a boost vaccination, and to see if this will stimulate antibody production in the patients who did not produce antibodies in the first phase of the trial.

Read more about it here: First Clinical Data of Therapeutic Parkinson’s Disease Vaccine Encourages Continued Development

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