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Top 3 Sparks of Interest for Leading Vaccine Academics

vaccine manufacturers

Recently we undertook the research for the 15th annual World Vaccine Congress. As part of that research, we spoke to leading vaccine academics from the likes of University of Oxford and Erasmus MC to find out what they thought were the most interesting trends in industry at the moment. These were the top 3:

1. The renaissance of veterinary vaccines

It came up a number of times, that over the last couple of years people were more interested in animal health and veterinary vaccines where there had been a lull in previous years. They posed a few options as to why this might be; fewer regulatory challenges, the vaccines are quicker to bring to market, there has been an increase in zoonotic diseases in humans. The consensus was that there were a number of contributing factors, so the question they asked was, what does this meant for industry? Would there be more branching out into this area or would new companies come to the for

2. Emerging diseases and the unmet need there

As people travel more and the climate changes, it seems that more and more diseases are emerging for the first time, or are appearing in new locations than ever before; a good example being the first domestic case of chikungunya reported in the US last week. They were asking, what is going to happen with vaccine development for these diseases? Will big pharma get involved now or will it remain with the academic and smaller biotech community?

3. Cancer and immunotherapy vaccines

Of course, cancer is a huge area of interest for all of the vaccines community at the moment, and with a lots of results currently being posted or coming, I don’t think this topic will be going away any time soon. Particularly the academics we were speaking with wanted to find out where the progression was in this area in terms of trials and which of the approaches was coming out as the most effective.

As the agendas for our events are put together from the feedback we get in research, all of these areas are covered in the agenda. To see the full programme and speaker line-up, and to book your place, please click here

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