Sanofi’s Dengue Vaccine Produces Moderate results


The New Dengue Vaccine From Sanofi Shows Promise

The virus spread through the day biting Aedes mosquitoes, affects more than one million people a year, threatening about 40% of the worlds population. Sanofi’s candidate vaccine will protect children already infected with the mosquito-borne dengue fever, from a potentially fatal hemorrhagic fever.¬†Evidence suggest that the new dengue fever vaccine protects eight out of ten children aged between 2 and 14 from the fever.

“findings have the potential to have a huge impact”

Dr Maria Rosario Capeding, from the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine in the Philippines told the BBC “given that dengue is a major public health problem in most Asian countries the findings have the potential to have a huge impact on public health.” She then went on to say that “A 56% reduction, though moderate, can translate into a huge benefit by countries plagued by the disease.” Although the reduction is below the targets for most vaccines, it is the biggest reduction ever seen. Surely preventing over half of the possible cases is better than none?

The company funding the research, Sanofi-Pasteur, plan to apply for approval once they receive their results from the second trial. However they also reported a 67% reduction in the number of cases of hospitalization due to dengue.

Sanofi-Pasteur released their publication in The Lancet of it’s first Phase III dengue vaccine efficacy study.

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