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Cancer Vaccine Market Faces New Hurdles


 Cancer Vaccine Market becomes more competitive

A new report predicts the therapeutic vaccines segment of the immunotherapy market sales to reach $1.2 billion in 2020, however vaccine makers will have their fair share of hurdles over the next 6 years in order to make it there, as well as integrating into a challenging market first. The report comes from Decision Resources Group, which claims that 5 new approvals will join the sole cancer vaccine on the market, Dendreon’s Provenge will see a 13.6% annual sales growth over the next 8 years or so. The Decision Resources Group also expects to see Celldex Therapeutics’ brain cancer treatment rindopepimut and tecemotide, the lung cancer candidate from Merck Serono and Oncothyreon to contribute to 44% of the segments major market sales. Alongside Bavarian Nordic’s ┬áProstvac-VF-TRICOM, Amgen’s T-Vec and Northwest Biotherapeutis’ DCVax-L, to wrap things up. With the newcomers generating sales to balance declines in the sales of Provenge. But this will still be a challenge for many of the new approvals with manufacturing issues, sales disappointment and regualtory approval all casting a dark cloud. Factors like these will weigh down cancer vaccines, whilst other immunotherapy drugs continue to break onto the scene, with a predicted $7.9 billion in 2022. Some experts interviewed by DRG said that vaccines could play a greater role in the earlier stages of diseases as an adjuvant treatment for example, rather than later in the disease case. To see more on this topic click here.

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