Mass Immunization of Polio

Mass Immunization Of Polio

Mass Immunization of Polio

Immunization Program Begins In Kurdistan

Relief agencies and partners of the UN have increased healthcare efforts in Iraq, starting with a massive polio vaccination campaign in the capital of Baghdad. As well as an initiative aimed at improving healthcare in Kurdistan. According to a UN World Health Organization representative, the agencies are working closely with UNICEF to vaccinate as many people as possible.

Dan Epstein the UN World Health Organization representative went on to say that “95.5% of children under 5 had been reached” according to the Iraqi Red Crescent.

Due to logistical challenges any efforts to relieve the strain on healthcare system in Kurdistan had been postponed but it was revealed vaccines had reached the Kurdistan Ministry of Health. This comes after UNICEF and Kurdistan Regional Government agreed to take urgent measures in preventing the spread of diseases amongst large numbers of children who had been displaced during the violence in Iraq. The measures became urgent after cases of polio were diagnosed, 14 years after the country eliminated the polio through a mass immunization campaign.

“Immense burden”

Epstein went on to say that the new outbreak placed an “immense burden” on Kurdistan’s healthcare system. The World Health Organisation have also sent supplies to treat conditions such as kidney failure, hypertension and diabetes.

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