Digital Health 2014 Market Survey released

digital health survey

Digital technology is set to transform the way that health-related issues are studied, diagnosed and managed. Already a huge industry in the United States, Europe has been somewhat slower on the uptake. However even in Europe digital health activities are starting to surge and a fully fledged industry is emerging. Things like clinical trials, medical adherence, data reporting and even prescribed pharma-digital therapies are driving the need for digital technology in the vaccines sector.

Vaccine Nation is excited to announce our first annual Digital Health 2014 Market Survey. From this survey we’ll be releasing a number of e-books and studies related to digital health to track its implementation and innovation in Europe. And we need YOU to contribute.

Take the Digital Health 2014 Market Survey here

The survey explores:

  • Which organisations are actively and less-actively deploying digital health technologies?
  • How important technologies such as mobile, crowd sourcing and Big Data are impacting clinical trials in vaccines and other biologics?
  • Which areas of healthcare will be the most highly impacted by the deployment of digital health?
  • Which therapeutic areas and patient populations will be most heavily impacted by digital health, and to what benefit?

Take the Digital Health 2014 Market Survey here

With only fifteen questions it takes less than ten minutes to complete, and we desperately need your contribution to make it a reality. Please take some time to complete the survey and contribute to important research in this exciting sector.

By completing the survey you’ll automatically receive a copy of all materials generated, and of course our eternal gratitude. For more information please contact me directly at

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