ECDC To Publish Weekly West Nile Fever Maps


As we enter into transmission season for West Nile fever, the European Centrer for Disease Prevention and Control has begun to publish weekly maps detailing cases and transmissions across Europe.

The ECDC hopes that these maps will allow authorities to make better decisions in regards to blood safety in order to avoid the transmission of WNf through blood transfusions and organ donations.

West Nile virus arthropod-borne virus commonly spread by mosquitoes that currently has no vaccine. Those infected with WNf can experience febrile illness, encephalitis, or even meningitis. The vast majority of patients recover on their own, whilst some are hospitalized and require supportive care. Whilst there have been no reported deaths caused by WNf in the last 3 years, in 2010 25 people died as a result of the virus.

Click here to see a high resolution version of the 2010-2014 map


Find the ECDC West Nile virus maps here.

West Nile fever in the EU 2010-2012

WNV 20122012 – 242 autochthonous cases were detected in the EU and 693 in neighbouring countries

WNV 2011

2011 – 127 autochthonous cases were detected in the EU and 212 in neighbouring countries

WNV 20102010 – In Greece, a large outbreak affected the northern part of the country, Central Macedonia, with 262 human cases and 35 deaths reported

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