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Vaccine Asia Live: Overcoming the Challenges of Vaccine Trials to Address the Growing Demand in Asia

Vaccine Asia

Seeing the great importance of vaccine development in Asia due to its great demand, it is pertinent that any challenges in vaccine development be addressed, especially in vaccine clinical trials. To help address these challenges, Dr Teoh Yee Leong, CEO of Singapore Clinical Research Institute(SCRI) , spoke about what these challenges were and advice on how to overcome them.

Singapore Clinical Research Institute (SCRI) is an academic research organisation dedicated to enhance the standards of human clinical research and aims to develop SCRI and Singapore scientists as an ASEAN hub for clinical research excellence. SCRI supports academic, public-sector and industry-sponsored studies,  including proof-of-concept to late-phase clinical trials and epidemiological studies. In addition, SCRI spearheads the planning and delivery of educational and training programs on various aspects of clinical research.

Given Asia’s huge population equating to huge demand for vaccines, high incidence of infectious diseases and established CROs, Dr Teoh reiterated Asia as the hub for vaccine clinical trials. The main challenges in vaccines trials, especially ethical issues, were covered. Dr Teoh then concluded with some advice for conducting clinical trials in Asia.

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