Vaccine Asia Live: Novel Vaccines for Emerging Diseases


Most vaccines developed target infectious diseases and cancer, with cancer vaccines being listed more under therapeutic vaccines. To enlighten us on vaccines for infectious diseases, Ms Zhang Xiaoshu, Director of Business Development at BravoBio, China, presented on the topic of Novel Vaccines for Emerging Diseases. BravoBio was founded in 2011 with its  headquarters in Shanghai and multiple sites in China. Its main pipeline is the development, manufacturing and sale of preventative, therapeutic, and diagnostic biologics, focusing on human vaccines and antibodies. BravoBio was named the Asia Pacific Emerging Company of the Year in 2013. Currently, they have in-licensed 2 vaccines and have the potential for more. Currently, they are focusing on the China market bu hope to meet WHO standards and expand globally.

Innovative vaccines targeting emerging diseases in the world, developed by major players in the market, were introduced and elaborated upon,  allowing attendees to learn more about the challenges in development, classification of vaccines and current progresses in development. Emerging diseases covered include Dengue, Hand Foot & Mouth Disease(HFMD), Neisseria meningitidis serogroup B, Polio and Respiratory Syncytial Virus.


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