Top 5 Vaccine Companies By Revenue – 2013

Top vaccine companies 2013 revenue Pfizer Novartis Merck GSK GlaxoSmithKline Prevnar 13 Gardisil Men B

2013 shows the continued levelling out of the vaccines market with a slight drop in revenue amongst the top five when compared to 2012.

This flies in the face of the optimism surrounding the vaccine industry which has been predicted to reach $48 billion by 2017, and $100 billion by 2050. But despite the £21 billion growth since 2000 to 2011’s $26 billion market worth for human vaccines, 2012 and 2013 have seen a decline of around $1 billion a year recently.

This is reflected in the revenues of the top 5 vaccine companies, who have seen a decline in revenue of around 3% in 2013.

That said, the industry is perhaps waiting on its next bit thing to push it towards the high expectations of industry analysts. We have already seen an increase in the influenza market as governments return to suppliers after stockpiling hugely in 2011. But will this be enough to push the industry out of it’s lull? As VacZine Analytics put it “Only the launch of brand-new products matched to new national immunisation programs will add billions to overall industry value.’

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  1. Michel De Wilde

    you should not use the SPMSD (european joint venture between SP and Merck) logo when you describe SP sales.
    Also there was a significant ForEx factor when comparing 2012 and 2013

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