There is No Link Between Vaccination and Autism [Another] Study Finds


A meta-analysis of 1.25 million children from across the world has discerned no link between vaccines and autism.

A report published earlier this month in Vaccine, utilising 5 cohort and 5 control studies, found no link between vaccination and autism. The study, lead by Guy Eslick of the University of Sydney, looked at 1,256,407 children from across the US, UK, Japan and Denmark. As well as analysing the impact of the hotly debated MMR vaccine, the study also looked at the impact of vaccines for diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough.

The research drew on data gathered by 12 review papers, 11 of which agreed with the conclusion drawn by this study. The paper that did not draw the same conclusion, Theoretical Aspects of  of autism: cases – a review, conlcluded that a vaccine-autism link could not be entirely ruled out as autism results from a wide verity of environmental toxins.

The researchers recognises within the paper that there exist other data sets that do not draw the ‘no connection’ conclusion, but they ruled them out on methodological grounds, citing a wish to keep the research as methodologically sound as possible given the public stake in the vaccine-autism debate.

Find the study here.

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