Anti Vaccine Movement Claims Big Pharma has Infiltrated a High School Film Club

The anti vaccine movement has turned its sights on a California high school film club after they produced a documentary looking at the impact of vaccine refusal.

The film, titled Invisible Threat, was created by students of Carlsbad High School and produced by local education advocate Lisa Posard, and so far there has been no indication that big pharma had any involvement in the film’s production or funding. The film received a national premier in Washington on May the 1st, hosted by Every Child By Two.

In response to the screening of this film, and Every Child By Two’s letter writing to public health figures inviting them to attend the screening, the campaign group Focus Autism issued a press release condemning the film and claiming that the film was not in fact created by students, but was created by Posard and film teacher Douglas Green at the bidding of Big Pharma. And whilst Focus Autism astutely point out that Posard and Green are in fact adults (not students), there highlighting of the fact that a pro-vaccine Dr. was listed as a ‘Scientific technical advisor’ doesn’t quite go the distance. Presumably the high school student’s recognised that a documentary on vaccines without a scientific pro-vaccine view point would be a bit one sided against vaccines.

Unfortunately, I, much like Focus Autism, have not seen the film so cannot comment as to what other Doctors and scientists were consulted during the making of the film.

The best Criticism autism Focus seem able to dream up comes in the form of whether the film makers acquired the appropriate consent from film participants. The rest of their argument seems to rely on the fact that public health officials and campaigns such as Every Child By Two were involved with the screening of the film: not something especially concerning given that it is a documentary about public health and that promoting does not imply funding or producing.

They even manage to get a quick swipe at Bill and Melinda Gates into the release by linking the Bill and Melinda’s huge investment in eradicating diseases such as polio from the world, with the film club’s links with Rotary International.

Rounding off the release Focus Autism found Barry Segal states that “All of the deceptions involved in the making of this film are a good reminder of how the vaccine industry operates”, which, if it is true that the vaccine industry is now turning to high school pupils to spread its message, we should be concerned about.

See Focus Autism’s press release here.
See Focus Autism’s call to action here.

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    1. Ed Rybicki

      …and I think it is in fact irresponsible to have an article with a headline like this, given your only justification is the comment “which, if it is true that the vaccine industry is now turning to high school pupils to spread its message …”.

      I am disappointed: I normally enjoy your blog; however, this one is going to be reposted everywhere by antivaxxers as irrefutable proof that Big Pharma is infiltrating their high schools.

      1. Post

        Hi Ed,

        I’m glad to hear that you’ve been in touch with the film makers and that they have confirmed Big Pharma was not involved.

        I’ve amended the title to make it a bit more specific in order to avoid confusion! I do sometimes forget about the anti-vaccines movement’s ability to turn anything against the industry!


  1. Ed Rybicki

    I would be VERY interested to hear what the woman who claims “the disease doesn’t exist [here]” would say if polio comes back into the US. It ONLY doesn’t exist because of vaccination, and with the killed vaccine specifically. Given the decreasing coverage, however, and the increased prevalence because of war / unrest / CIA idiocy in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria and Nigeria…it could so easily come back.

  2. David Ford

    Many of the Anti-Vaccine brigade would not be here, if it were not for the many vaccines that prevent possibly fatal and certainly debilitating diseases.

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