MERS Transmission Path Between Camels and Humans Found


Whilst we’ve know that camels are playing host to the MERS Coronavirus for some time now, a study published recently has shown a probable link between MERS in humans and camels.

The research, carried out by Norbert Nowotny and Jolanta Kolodziejek from the Institute of Virology, Vienna, found that infected humans and camels from the same geographical locations play host to MERS viruses with nearly identical RNA sequences.

Nowotny and Kolodziejek also found evidence that transmission of the virus was most likely down to nasal discharge from camels, due to the surprisingly high levels of MERS coronavirus in the nasal mucosa. Additional, it is suggested that, unlike with SARS, transmission between animal and human in the case of MERS could be taking place regularly.

The difference in RNA sequences between camels in different regions also suggests that there is no specific camel MERS coronavirus.  The question now is how camels are becoming infected? This is reminiscent of the SARS outbreak back in 2003, where by the chief culprit for a long time was the CivetCat. But it was later discovered that bats were the original hosts.


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