Braasch Biotech Continues to Build Patent Portfolio With Acceptances in the European Union, Russia and Israel

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April 28, 2014

Braasch Biotech LLC, a biopharmaceutical company developing and commercializing anti-somatostatin vaccines, today announced that it has received Notices of Acceptance from the European, Russian and Israeli Patent Offices for a patent covering the use of Braasch’s product candidate, JH14-Somatovac®. The vaccine is indicated for use in farmed animals and safely enhances the target animal’s own ability to produce more protein, without non-desirable side events as in current pharmaceuticals.

Due to increasing world population, emerging economies and increasing urbanization, the global demand for animal protein (such as meat and milk proteins) continues to increase rapidly. By the year 2050, the Food and Agriculture Association of the United Nationspredicts that the demand will double from today’s values. New initiatives will be required to enhance the sustainability of animal protein production without doubling the amount of land used for agriculture.

Braasch’s endogenous approach to protein enhancement has proven effective in dairy cows and pigs, without negative safety or health issues. Unlike exogenous enhancement methods, such as recombinant growth hormone (rBst), beta agonists or sub-therapeutic antibiotics, immunological control methods are based on innate systems and do not pose a negative impact to the animal, environment or consumers.

Braasch Biotech’s current livestock enhancement portfolio already includes patents in the United States, Japan, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand and South Africa. Braasch is also pursuing patent applications in multiple jurisdictions in Latin America and Asia.

About Braasch Biotech

Braasch Biotech is pioneering a new field of metabolic and therapeutic vaccine approaches utilizing its Somatovac® technologies. The company has received numerous US and International patents for vaccine usage in obesity and livestock productivity. Braasch Biotech is a privately held biopharmaceutical company with corporate offices in South Dakota.

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