Canada Launches Official Vaccination iPhone App

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Yesterday the Honourable Rona Ambrose, Minister of Health at the Canadian Public Health Association, launched a new vaccination app for Apple iPhone and google android users: ImmunizeCA. The app, produced in partnership with Immunize Canada and the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, is designed to give Canadians a tool through which they can track the vaccinations of themselves and their families.

The app allows patients to enter in details of their vaccinations so that they can receive reminders appointment reminders and warnings of when they should think about getting a particular vaccine. Users of the app will also have access to reliable expert advice and information about vaccines, with resources covering vaccines for infants all the way to international travel vaccines.

As well as this digital information, patients will have access to a scanned copy of theirs and their children’s paper vaccination record.

“A hundred years ago, infectious diseases were the leading cause of deaths worldwide. Since the introduction of publicly-funded immunization programs, they now cause less than five per cent of all deaths in Canada. But recent outbreaks of influenza and measles across Canada show us that infectious diseases can still be a threat if your vaccinations aren’t up to date. It is imperative that we all maintain our vaccinations, from infancy to your senior years, and the ImmunizeCA app helps us, right at our fingertips.” Ian Culbert, Executive Director Canadian Public Health Association.

ImmunizeON is based upon the successful Ontario-only app ImmunizeON. So far the app has recieved positive reviews and if successfully taken up by the Canadian public, this app could pave the way towards improving vaccine coverage in young tech savvy patients, and keeping them on track with their vaccination schedule into their later years.

The app is available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry phones.

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