TapImmune Announces the Filing of New Intellectual Property for its Platform Expression System Polystart


New Technology Significantly Enhances the Presentation of Desired Peptides on the Surface of Cells for Targeting to the Immune System

March 20, 2014

TapImmune Inc., a clinical stage immunotherapy company specializing in the development of innovative vaccine technologies for the treatment of cancer and infectious disease has filed a new patent application for a novel technology platform designed to enhance the visibility of cancer or infected cells to a patient’s immune system, a critical aspect of an effective vaccine.

TapImmune’s PolyStart™ nucleic acid-based platform technology provides a four-fold increase in target cell specific naturally processed antigenic epitopes on a cells surface. This increased cell surface presentation results in a corresponding increase in activated Helper and/or long-lived Killer T-cell populations that then effectively seek out and work to destroy a patient’s cancer cells or virally infected cells.

Technically described, the PolyStart™ portion of TapImmune’s novel nucleic acid-based technology is directly linked to a Poly-Antigen Array (PAA) encoding antigenic epitopes derived from one or more protein marker(s) overexpressed by, for example, a cancer cell. The four-fold increase in PAA translation product is then naturally processed through the proteasome into small peptide antigenic epitopes which traffic to the cell surface in complex with an appropriate HLA Class I or II molecule. This increased cell surface expression subsequently increases the capacity for Helper and/or Killer T-cell recognition, activation, expansion and killing. Importantly the PAA which can be described as a ‘cassette’ can be interchanged to include a choice of peptides. This means a vaccine can be constructed in a matter of weeks once the peptide required has been identified. An extremely useful technology in the event of a pandemic outbreak or for example, when new influenza strain is identified.

This technology platform is already showing excellent results in a pre-clinical study (being conducted at Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN) for a unique set of vaccinia viral peptides (smallpox equivalent) with the aim of commercializing a safer, more effective and less costly smallpox vaccine.

This technology can be applied to multiple cancers and infectious diseases, including emerging viral threats such as influenza, H1N1, Dengue and many others.

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