Arecor Present Data at the World Vaccine Congress

Arecor blogArecor present data showing Arestat™ formulation technology significantly improves temperature stability for major vaccine types at 14th World Vaccine Congress

Cambridge, UK:Arecor Limited, a biotechnology company dedicated to the discovery and development of advanced liquid formulations of biologics, will present two posters at the 14th World Vaccine Congress in Washington DC on 24-26th March 2014.   These will show data to demonstrate how their advanced Arestat™ formulation technology significantly improves stability across a variety of vaccine types, including adenovirus vectors and measles.

  •  Stabilisation of live attenuated virus vaccines using Arestat™ advanced formulations.
  • Stabilisation of conjugate and recombinant vaccines using Arestat™ advanced formulations.

According to CEO Tom Saylor, Arestat™ technology represents a real breakthrough in the drive to overcome the challenges of delivering viable vaccines to hot countries: “Using Arestat™, we are able to produce reformulated liquid vaccines that reduce the need for both cold chain transportation and storage. In particular this is important for hot, remote and resource-limited regions. At the World Vaccine Congress we will show data from a range of case studies proving the versatility and robustness of our approach.”

Posters will be made available for viewing on the Arecor website

About Arecor

Arecor, backed by Unilever Ventures, aims to pioneer and develop dramatically better delivery forms for proteins & biological therapies.

Our novel approach to formulation design has been built uponfundamental new insights into the way proteins and vaccines degrade during storage, at high concentration or in the presence of ionizing radiation.

We have partnered with the world’s largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies to enhance the commercial value and practical utility of many different types of proteins, and in many different applications such as vaccines, therapeutic proteins, or proteins used in medical devices.

We are based in the Cambridge Science Park which gives us access to cutting edge research and development through our strong ties to Cambridge University. Arecor has a highly talented team with a variety of expertise including protein formulation and analysis, manufacture and regulatory approval. For more information contact us at or

It is not too late to join Arecor at the 14th Annual World Vaccine Congress. Book today and meet us in Washington on Monday.

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