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The Impact of Missing Vaccines on Africa and Asia

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Vaccines may have saved millions of people from disease and death, but there remains a number of key areas which lack vaccines. And nowhere is this clearer than in some of the world’s poorest regions. With vaccines not yet available for dengue fever, HIV or malaria, what impact is their continuing reign of terror having over Africa and the South East Asia Region (SEAR)?


  1. Rashika El Ridi

    I think that schistosomiasis is the real plague of African Countries, as beside its sequelae it deviates the immune system towards the type 2 arm, and thus predisposes the host to ill resistance against infection with malaria, hepatic and immunodeficiency viruses, and virulent bacteria. Yet, schistosomiasis is increasingly neglected. We have established at Cairo University a formula for a reproducibly effective vaccine for schistosomiasis and together with Professor John Dalton provided and published its application and proof of concept. We are looking forward to international scientific cooperation for going ahead with vaccine implementation instead of lamenting. Rashika El Ridi

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