Download MaxCyte Flow Electroporation: Vaccine Research & Development


In the run-up to the World Vaccine Congress, MaxCyte has provided us with this whitepaper on Flow Electroporation and its implications in vaccine research and development. 

“MaxCyte’s proprietary flow electroporation is a universal transient transfection technology for rapid, high-quality cell transfection. Flow electroporation enables (co)transfection of a wide range of cells with DNA, RNA, siRNA, proteins, or cell lysates and does not require specialized constructs, engineered cells, media additives, or chemical reagents (figure 1). This technology combines superior performance, broad applicability, and ease of use with the capacity to transfect up to 2E11 cells in under 30 minutes, creating an unmatched, fully-scalable transfection method. Flow electroporation has been applied in ex vivo cell therapy, small molecule, and biotherapeutic discovery, as well as protein production. This technical note reviews MaxCyte electroporation and its applications in vaccine research, development and production.”

Download this whitepaper to find out more about:

  • MaxCyte Instrumentation
  • MaxCyte Transfection Applications
    • Antibody Production
    • Vaccine Production
  • MaxCyte Background

Get your copy here!

MaxCyte are sponsoring the World Vaccine Congress Washington. Visit them at booth #14.

Click here to find out more about the congress and get information on how you can book to join MaxCyte

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