White Paper: Scaling-up Influenza: Improving manufacturing agility with GE Healthcare

Overview of a scale-up of a cell-based influenza virus production process using ReadyToProcess equipment posted on behalf of GE Healthcare Life Sciences

“The aim of this white paper is to demonstrate how GE Healthcare Life Sciences single-use products can be applied in the field of vaccine manufacturing. The white¬†paper includes a brief discussion around modern vaccine processes, followed by a case study showing the scale-up of upstream and downstream processes for the production of a cell based live attenuated influenza virus using single-use ReadyToProcess technology.”- GE Healthcare Life Sciences

Download this whitepaper courtesy of GE Healthcare Life Sciences and find out more about using ReadyToProcess equipment:

  • How it leads to improved manufacturing agility and productivity
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Case study: production of Influenza virus using ReadyToProcess single-use equipment
  • How it can be upstream processing
  • How it compares to regulatory specifications

Download your copy here.

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