Are Providers Overestimating Parental Concerns?

Yes, according an article published in Vaccine this week.

With inaccurate information about vaccine safety rife amongst the public and the media, it has often been supposed that a large proportion of the populous, parents especially, hold deep concerns over the necessity of vaccines. With more and more parents applying for vaccine exemption for their children, it has been suggested that the ever increasing number of vaccines may be putting parents off sticking to the CDC recommended schedule of vaccinations.

The research, carried out by Mary Healy, and Diana Montesions of the Bayer College of Medicine, along with Amy Middleman of the University of Oklahoma, suggests that providers are inaccurately predicting the concerns of parents when it comes to getting their kids vaccinated. So how far off have physicians gotten their predictions?

Provider-Patient perceptions


“The effectiveness of the provider-patient interaction…depends on all providers accurately understanding parental concerns so they may be effectively addressed. This study suggests that provider perceptions of parental beliefs may not be reliable and raises the possibility that providers may change their vaccination recommendations and behaviors based on misinformation and assumptions.”

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