Are Veterinary Vaccines Having a Renaissance?


During our research for World Vaccine Congress Europe 2014, there have been a few interesting comments which weren’t expected. It seems to be the opinion of some industry representatives that vaccines for animal health have not been the most fashionable investment in recent years, but companies are starting to look at this more seriously again for future development.

One reason that has been put forward for this is that, in a difficult climate, animal vaccines are subject to less stringent regulation and approval processes meaning that candidates that are being developed might be ready for market earlier and could prove to be a boost whilst a human version of the vaccine is honed for approval.

It could also be that first developing a veterinary vaccine is a good way to test new development or manufacture techniques before moving to a human vaccine.

Another reason might simply be that more opportunities are being seen within the animal vaccine space.

Whatever the reason, it is interesting to see that this sector is gaining interest. In the UK, at least, funding is being put up for development in this space, as can be seen by the UK Veterinary Vaccinology Research Network recently set up by the BBRSC. 

For more information on the World Vaccine Congress Europe on 13-15 October in Brussels, please visit the event website.

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