So here it is: Vaccine Nation’s most read articles of 2013

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What a year it has been for vaccines. We’ve seen huge strides forward with a vaccine for malaria and a vaccine for dengue, alongside some exciting results with cancer vaccines. But which news and feature articles got the most people clicking on Vaccine Nation this year?

1. Unbelievable Impact of Vaccines

Number one on the list is the infographic on ‘The Unbelievable Impact of Vaccines’. With more people dying from lightning strike than contracting tetanus in the US in 2010, this infographic raised a stir on Twitter and Facebook. We made it to highlight the amazing impact vaccines have had on the incidence of disease today. Read >

2. The Top 50 Most Influential People in Vaccines

Who are the most influential people in the global vaccines world? This is the question we asked back at the start of the year, and lots of you were interested to hear the answer. This eBook highlighted 50 vaccine personalities, based on their career achievements. Did you agree or disagree with our list? Read >

3. 5 of the Most Terrible Epidemics That Won’t Happen Again (thanks to vaccines)

A bit of a morbid topic, but with an optimistic twist! Modern-day epidemics include HIV/AIDS and meningitis, and we also anxiously watch the development of novel coronaviruses and polio raising its head. But it’s easy to forget how far greater epidemics and pandemics and ravaged the Earth in the past two thousand years. Thanks to vaccines, though, these 5 terrible epidemics shouldn’t happen again (fingers crossed!). Read >

4. 10 Most Important Infectious Diseases With No Licensed Vaccine

In 2013, researchers took some huge strides forward in vaccine development. And indeed, vaccination has been successful at controlling many of the world’s diseases. But there are still many infectious diseases for which no licensed (US or EU) vaccine exists. Lots of you were intrigued to see which 10 diseases could be the most important. Read >

5. 10 Important Emerging Viruses With No Licensed Vaccine

There’s nothing quite like the phrase “emerging viruses’ to raise a few eyebrows at a dinner party, and the list we compiled of 10 important emerging viruses with no licensed vaccine got quite a few of you clicking. If you want to be the purveyor of doom at the next party, give the list a read! Read >

6. 4 Potential Game-Changers That Could Eliminate The Cold Chain

The need for an unbroken cold chain is one of the biggest challenges to global vaccine access. In a summer’s day in July, we took inspiration from the heat and compiled this list of 4 game-changers that could eliminate the need for this cold chain altogether. This list made it in to our top 10 most viewed articles this year. Read >

7. Japanese Health Ministry Withdraws Recommendation for HPV Vaccine

The only news article to make it into our top 10, this piece was about the Japanese health ministry’s controversial decision to withdraw its recommendation for the HPV vaccine. It’s certainly been a rollercoaster year for the HPV vaccine, with many reports of completion rates in the US remaining alarmingly low. Read >

8. 6 Novel Adjuvants in Development

Adjuvants are increasingly being recognised as critical components for the next generation of vaccines – and adjuvant research is a very busy area! For this featured, we gathered together 6 exciting adjuvants currently in development. Read >

9. Presentation: Challenges to Using Adjuvants

Adjuvants are a hot topic in the vaccine industry, so it’s not really a surprise that a presentation by Martin Friede (Team Leader, WHO) on the challenges to using adjuvants should make it into the top 10. The presentation covers some of the difficulties in using adjuvants and their use in next-generation vaccines. Read >

10. 12 Projects in Pursuit of the Universal Flu Vaccine

We often hear the universal flu vaccine described as the ‘Holy Grail’, and research surrounding such a vaccine often makes the mainstream news. But with so many projects out there, how do you keep track? We rounded up 12 projects in pursuit of the universal flu vaccine, and the list made the top 10 most viewed articles this year. Read >

Have a great festive season and a wonderful New Year!

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