AstraZeneca quadrivalent flu shot approved in EU

four-strain astrazeneca quadrivalent influenza (flickr Jukka Zitting

AstraZeneca’s four-strain influenza vaccine, Fluenz Tetra, is the second quadrivalent shot to be approved in the EU, following the decision of the EMA to grant marketing authorisation for the vaccine in children from 2 to 18 years.

The EMA’s approval of the nasally-administrated four-strain vaccine follows the approval back in April of GSK’s four-strain Influsplit Tetra (in Germany) / Fluarix Tetra (in the UK). Quadrivalent vaccines will make their debut in the US this year, with four-strain vaccines from GSK, Sanofi and AZ’s MedImmune arm entering the market.

Quadrivalent vaccines are thought to confer added protection against influenza as they protect against an extra B strain, in addition to the two influenza A and single influenza B subtypes contained in conventional trivalent vaccines.

Fluenz Tetra is marketed as FluMist Quadrivalent in the US.

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