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Dengue fever is a global problem but there isn’t yet a preventative vaccine. In fact, there is currently no specific treatment for dengue, though early detection and access to proper medical care can help lower death rates.

Most dengue fever patients suffer through days of raging fever, sweats and a bubbling rash. For those who develop a more serious form of illness, also known as dengue hemorrhagicfever, internal bleeding, shock, organ failure and death can occur.

With about half of the world’s population now at risk of contracting dengue fever, creating a vaccine for dengue fever never been more important. In this ebook, you can find a collection of articles, reports and the latest updates about vaccine efforts around the world.

Click here to download this ebook >

This ebook has been created in the run up to the World Vaccine Congress Asia 2014. The Dengue Vaccine will be addressed on the conference programme, if you would like to find out more information about this event click here to visit the event website >

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