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Earlier this year at the World Vaccine Congress Asia 2013 Congress, Toshihiro Horii, Ph.D RIMD, Osaka University delivered the presentation: Malaria: Innovating prophylactic vaccine pipeline for tropical infectious diseases -Clinical Development of SE36 Malaria Vaccine.

Download this presentation to read about:

  • Structure of SERA5 protein and SE36 recombinant molecule
  • Correlation of anti-SE36 antibody levels with parasitemia in residents from the Solomon Islands
  • Sero-positive rate against N-terminal domain of SERA is very low in younger generations and increases with age
  • Clinical trials of BK-SE36 in Uganda
  • Phase 1b: Trial design
  • Administration site reactions
  • Immunogenicity of BK-SE36
  • Follow-up study
  • Vaccine efficacy
  • Non-Responder to BK-SE36
  • Responder to BK-SE36
  • Changes in antibody titer in responders ( >2 increase of titer by vaccination)
  • Correlation between vaccine response and reinfection
  • Nucleotide diversity of P. falciparum SERA5

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