Case Study: Response to vaccine security and self-reliance in Asia

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Earlier this year at the World Vaccines Congress Asia 2013, Charung Muangchana MD, PhD, National Vaccine Institute (NVI), Thailand delivered the presentation: Response to vaccine security and self-reliance in Asia: Thailand Case.

The premise of this case study is:

  • Securing access to existing vaccines for developing countries, is currently a formidable public health challenge
  • Large global population & diversity of developing countries, supply of essential vaccines by the mechanism of the international initiatives could not be totally guaranteed the security
  • However, individual countries, small to medium size, could be difficult to be self-sufficiency/self-reliance on vaccine supply
  • With international support & PPPs through technological transfer and advice, the cooperation on essential vaccine development & supply among the countries in the specific regions (regional-reliance) could be possible & sustainable means
  • Countries in the specific regions with well established, such as the AEC, should not reluctant to start the collaboration


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