Top 5 Vaccine Delivery Methods of the Future

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1. Laser-powered microinjector

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South Korean scientists have developed a laser-powered injector device that could replace needles as the injector device. The laser-based device propels the vaccine with the right force into the skin almost as painlessly as being hit with a puff of air.

"The laser-driven microjet injector can precisely control dose and the depth of drug penetration underneath the skin," said Professor Jack Yoh, Seoul National University. Pulses of the laser generate a vapour bubble inside the “driving” fluid within the device. The pressure generated by the bubble causes the vaccine to be forcefully ejected from the miniature nozzle. The narrow jet of vaccine penetrates the skin to depth of about 500 micrometres, and should cause little or no pain.

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vaccine delivery methods of the future (Official US Navy Imagery)

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