The Future of DNA Vaccines


In April 2013 over 500 delegates participated in the 13th Annual World Vaccine Congress Washington. This event brings together vaccine leaders and policy makers from around the globe. Attendees at this highly successful event were fortunate enough to hear this exciting presentation delivered by Tony Ford-Hutchinson, Merck entitle ‘The Future of DNA Vaccines'

This presentation outlines:

  • Vaccines Have Made a Profound Impact
  • Growth of the Total Vaccine Market: Increased Focus on Preventive Health Care
  • vaccine Needs for the Future: Prophylactic Vaccines 
  • RSV Infection
  • Challenges to an RSV Vaccine
  • Global Health Impact of the Big 3 Diseases
  • Challenges for Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines

Download the full presentation here >

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  1. David

    This was s good overview of the vaccine market, survey of specific needs, etc., but aside from the title, the ONLY place that DNA comes up in the slides is on slide 22 (as one option for enhanced T-cell immunity) and on slide 25 (demonstrating this for a phase I study with VGX-3100). The presentation did not tell me about the future of DNA vaccines.

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