GAVI gathers minds to tackle vaccine supply chain issues

vaccine supply chain (Nick saltmarsh

"Vaccines are one of the most cost-effective healthcare interventions ever invented, but they can become unusable due to supply chain failures, requiring innovative ways to store and transport them," says GAVI CEO Dr Seth Berkley.

No matter how great a vaccine is, it's useless if you can't adequately deliver it to the people that need it. Now GAVI has launched two new initiatives to tackle supply chain and product delivery issues, and bring more vaccines to places where non-existent refrigeration, poor transportation and weak stock management makes delivery very difficult.

The Supply Chain Technical Improvement Facility will provide funding to GAVI-supported countries to overcome bottlenecks in the supply chain and cold chain. The second project, the Supply Chain Centre of Excellence, will see GAVI partnering with global corporations, including technology, freight and logistics companies, to gather their expertise about tackling supply chain issues and develop solutions to the many roadblocks in vaccine delivery.

You can read more about this intiative at the GAVI Alliance website >

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