eBook: CMO selection for Vaccine candidates: The decision-making processes of Pharma & Biotech


In a little over 5 months time, the World Vaccine Congress will once again be heading to Washington DC. In preparation for the event, we will producing content that we feel is relevant to the industry. To begin with, we asked the question: What decision-making processes lead to CMO selection for Vaccine candidates?

The development of a new vaccine is a complex venture that requires many evaluations and decisions prior to a commercial launch. Biotech and pharmaceutical companies are increasingly choosing to outsource most, if not all, of their drug manufacturing efforts throughout the development phase, including the clinical trials and manufacturing that lead up to commercial acceptance. Due to the low success rate of drug commercialization and the high cost of facility build out, validation, staffing and support needed to manufacture one product, the investment required is out of reach for many and why outsourcing to a Contract Manufacturing Organisation might be crucial. Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing spent continues its double digit growth (CAGR 11%).

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Since 2011, total global spending on contract manufacturing reached $31.9 billion according to a 2012 industry report entitled, "*The CMO Market Outlook to 2017." The growth trend of the past two decades is expected to continue for the next five years..

Choosing the correct CMO partner is key to the success of the vaccine development, and in this eBook we will explore what pharma and biotech are looking for in a CMO and how they select their partners.

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