10 Important Emerging Viruses With No Vaccine

There are many emerging viruses – viruses newly recognized to cause diseases that are either increasing in incidence or have the potential to increase in incidence – for which no licensed (US or EU) vaccine exists. Here I’ve selected 10 of them – arranged in no particular order – which I think are especially important. Click Next to read them – I look forward to hearing your thoughts!



The Nipah virus is a zoonotic virus that can cause severe illness in the form of encephalitis or respiratory disease . The Nipah virus was first recognized in 1999 in Malaysia, where it caused 265 cases with a case fatality of 40 % ( WHO ) . Since then, several outbreaks have been reported, mainly in Bangladesh and India . The WHO report that the most likely source of infection in these outbreaks were fruits contaminated with the saliva or urine from infected Pteropodidae fruit bats ( WHO ) . The virus can also spread via human – to – human transmission .

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    1. Eric Stavale

      It doesn’t – it means ‘that which bends up.’ You are thinking of Dengue, whose nickname is breakbone fever


  1. David W. Bearg, P.E.

    I too worry about airborne virus diseases in the future because the majority of mechanically ventilated spaces rely on mixed-air air flow geometries which unfortunately are designed disperse and share these potentially contagious viruses as opposed to displacement ventilation geometries that do a much better job of diluting and removing these airborne disease vectors

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