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  1. R.Horowski MD pharmacologist

    Nice stories,even not only about Anglo-Americans! But why never Ehrlich,Behring,Bordet,K√∂hler,Jerne,Milstein, Susumo,zur Hausen? For those who never have heard those names: they all had a Nobel prize for vaccine-related major discoveries…

    1. Post

      Thanks for the comment and suggestions! I would have loved to have included lots more names, but there’s so many great people to choose from. Perhaps a Part 2 is needed!

  2. D. Vellom

    There’s a typo in here I’m sure (re Kendrick and Eldering & pertussis vaccine):
    “…the whooping cough incidence in the US had been reduced from 209 cases/100,000 in 1934 to 51 cases/1000 in 1948”

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