Top 4 conspiracy theories against vaccination

vaccine conspiracies myths autism (Sanofi Pasteur

1. They cause autism – there is lots of controversy around, for example, the MMR vaccine and autism with some high-profile cases in 2012 of people being awarded compensation by the court because of a link. According to Forbes there was a gross miscommunication by the media.

2. The government is putting trackers in you – The idea that there are no health benefits to vaccines, but rather it is a way to trick citizens into having tracking beacons implanted for the government to know where you are and what you are doing at all times.

3. They are merely an effort to covertly kill unwanted societal groups – It has been said that vaccines were given to sick children or those with weak immune systems to cause their death, one person accusing WHO and Save The Children of having a policy of ‘murder and genocide'.

4. It is all about the money – There is no doubt that money is involved, however the idea that vaccines are placebos which are given because dispensing medication is a way to make money, in spite of the overheads involved in any vaccination programme, seems a little far fetched…

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  1. Jagannath Chatterjee

    That children are getting seriously hurt cannot be denied. Instead of attacking genuine concerns as conspiracy theory will not help matters. After all doctors are avoiding vaccines and nurses are not far behind. If a genuine survey is conducted on the number of vaccines being given to children or close relatives of pediatricians it will throw up startling facts.

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