The Unbelievable Impact of Vaccines

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There is now a more up to date version of this infographic here.

“With the exception of safe water, no other modality, not even antibiotics, has had such a major effect on mortality reduction,” declared the WHO and UNICEF report on The State of the World’s Vaccines and Immunization. Don’t believe it? Think again.

Vaccine Statistics 2 (7)

There’s more: 10 Important Emerging Viruses With No Licensed Vaccine


  1. Phil Gilbank

    Excellent factual proof of the efficacy of vaccination. This should be made compulsory to stop those bugs returning. They’re all still out there waiting…

  2. Christopher Storer

    Personally, I find it fascinating that five people in St. Petersburg died from falling icicles in a single year.

  3. Tore Sinding Bekkedal

    Christopher: We have had near-deaths in Oslo, Norway. The thing is, icicles form on the ledges of buildings – snow lands on roofs and are heated by them, flow downwards and gradually build up on the ledges – and when the temperature rises, they fall down like giant spears. It’s pretty lethal.

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