10 of the Most Important Diseases With No Licensed Vaccine



Cytomegalovirus (CMV) can cause numerous birth defects and severe disease in immunocompromised patients, and development of a vaccine against the virus is now listed as a high priority by the National Institute of Medicine.

Recently, researchers discovered that a specific human CMV protein, known as UL141, was responsible for blocking the efforts of the body’s immune system to clear the virus. By discovering the role of this protein, this may have revealed a pivotal piece of the puzzle important that’s important for developing an effective vaccine.

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  1. Laurie Sullivan

    Very thoughtful article. Well done. As far as most needed goes, the sentimental favourite would have to be HIV, but on sheer need my pick would be dengue. Love to hear the thoughts of others.

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  4. Gregg Lucksinger

    I think HIV and Malaria tie for first priority on this list. Both Africa and S.E. Asia would be transformed if freed from the burden of these two diseases. Notably absent from this list is Hepatitis C. I wonder if some day we’ll see vaccines against pathogens such as Bornavirus and Toxoplasma that are being increasingly implicated as contributors to mental illness.

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