10 of the Most Important Diseases With No Licensed Vaccine


Vaccination has been successful at controlling many of the world’s diseases. However, there still remain many infectious diseases for which no licensed (US or EU) vaccine exists. Here I’ve selected 10 of them – arranged in no particular order – which I think are especially important. Click Next to read them >

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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  1. Laurie Sullivan

    Very thoughtful article. Well done. As far as most needed goes, the sentimental favourite would have to be HIV, but on sheer need my pick would be dengue. Love to hear the thoughts of others.

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  4. Gregg Lucksinger

    I think HIV and Malaria tie for first priority on this list. Both Africa and S.E. Asia would be transformed if freed from the burden of these two diseases. Notably absent from this list is Hepatitis C. I wonder if some day we’ll see vaccines against pathogens such as Bornavirus and Toxoplasma that are being increasingly implicated as contributors to mental illness.

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